With over 17 years of experience designing book interiors and covers, and over 100 books designed, I deliver the highest quality of book design and production. I allow my clients to focus on writing, editing, and publishing in the knowledge that the reading experience will be maximized and the design and layout process be executed with attention and care. I focus on the following areas:

  • Book interior design
  • Book cover design
  • Layout
  • Illustration and art direction
  • Production


A successful book design is one that the user barely realizes is there. The key elements are font selection, type placement, and design and layout of graphic elements. Each needs to be carefully considered while also interplaying with the other.

Font Selection: A font choice can make the world of difference to the reading experience. Needless to say I am passionate about fonts. I have an extensive knowledge of them and am always looking for new fonts or subtle variations of old ones.

Type Placement: Type placement is key to meeting a publishers page count goals, but if it is too tight/loose or too large/small it can make readability difficult. I pay careful attention to font size and leading to balance these requirements.

Design and Layout of Graphic Elements: Layout design brings intelligence to each page while creating structural continuity throughout the book. In a well-designed book, every page layout should be considered by itself and in relation to the whole. Margins, balancing white space with content, color and images are all factors that I take into consideration in making a book layout appealing, easy to read, in line with the content matter, and within the publisher’s constraints. Layout design should also compliment the tone and content of the book. I take a special effort in all my books to honor the intent of the author through subtle details in the design and to pick up on details of the cover design.


Attention to detail is everything. My goal is to deliver clean and organized files to my clients as quickly as possible. At the start of all my projects I carefully plan and set up my styles, grids, and assets. This is what allows me to be highly attentive to your needs and deliver exceptional turn around times with minimal errors.


I believe strongly that my success is defined by the success of my clients. Ultimately, my goal is to become a long-term extension of your team, providing you with just the right level of design and production expertise. I know I am succeeding when my clients come back to me again and again. Take a look at some of the books that I have helped design. If you like what you see, I’d love to hear from you.

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